Treasure Hunt with Gonzo

Evolution Gaming’s Gonzo’s Quest for Gold

There’s no doubt that NetEnt had great aspirations for Gonzo’s Quest when it was released in 2011. But I really doubt that they anticipated it would become the cult classic phenomenon that it has. Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, the eagerly expected sequel, was released in the summer of 2020 to similarly enthusiastic reception.

And now, after acquiring NetEnt at the tail end of 2020, Evolution Gaming has done something truly remarkable with this beloved character. Specifically, we’re talking about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, which is Evolution’s first Live Casino game to include a Virtual Reality (VR) feature.

How Gonzo’s Quest for Fortune Is Structured

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is just as fun without the virtual reality mode if you don’t want to play it that way. It has a great Augmented Reality (AR) presentation, so you’ll witness a combination of CGI and a real-life presenter dressed for the part.

The player’s goal is to remove 70 stones from a wall of an Incan temple. Throughout, Gonzo and the live presenter stand to the left and right of the screen, respectively, and converse with one another. Each of the six color options for the stones on the wall corresponds to a unique payment amount.

The number of picks you want to use and the number of different colored stones you want to wager on can be adjusted using the betting panel at the bottom of the screen. That probably doesn’t make much sense right now, but stick with us and you’ll get it as we break down the game’s rules and mechanics.

You’ll need your own virtual reality headset and controller to make use of the VR option, but otherwise everything will function normally. On the other hand, the user interface will be improved and the environment will rotate 360 degrees, putting you in the shoes of the Spanish adventurer as he searches for riches.

The Rules of Gonzo’s Quest for Fortune

There are seven rows across and ten rows up on the massive wall that serves as the focal point of this game. You’ll end up with 70 separate gems, all of which are unique in terms of both color and monetary value. As you can see below, the more precious a stone is, the less frequently it appears on the wall.

Brown has 27 occurrences, and his payout is 1 to 1. Twenty occurrences of orange at 2 to 1 payout. With a payout of 4 to 1, purple shows up 12 times. It’s worth 8 to 1 if green shows up 7 times. When Blue occurs thrice, the payout is 20 to 1. A single win for red yields a 65-to-1 payout. The stone wall will spin, blending the many tones together. The betting begins when the wall stops spinning and 70 blank stones are revealed. It is up to you to determine how many blank stones to select in order to search for the desired number of stones on the wall. You make your choices by touching and marking blank stones on the wall.

You can wager on as little as one stone or as many as twenty, and you can make your selections from any number in between. Multiplying your total bet on the stones by the number of picks you have yields your wager. Putting a dollar on each of six stones would result in a six dollar wager. Five selections would set you back $30 (5 x $6).

Falls and Falls Again

After everyone has made their wagers and selections, Gonzo will unlock a door on the wall’s left with a massive golden key. By doing so, you’ll gain access to a hidden shelf between the wall’s topmost two parts. The lowest part is broken up by stones and crevices. Up to seven unique symbols, including cash prizes, multipliers, and even a re-drop icon, are displayed in the top portion. A value or multiplier can fall into the wall through a crack and increase the worth of a stone below it if it settles above the crack.

If a re-drop symbol appears above a void, the hidden row will spin once again, revealing new numbers, multipliers, and maybe yet another re-drop symbol. More stones will become valuable as a result of this addition to the wall. Given the correct conditions, the wall might have a lot of enhancers on it because there are the potential for as many as ten re-drops in a single round of the game.

Final Reveal

The symbols concealed by the blank stones will spin out of view once all drops and re-drops have been completed. If the stone you chose matches the one you bet on, you win the amount shown. This could be the regular reward for the stone color, or it could be higher if the stone has been upgraded.






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